Everyone who uses adsense will have to post the cookie notice

Surely all of you have ever seen the message of This site uses cookies, blablabla, and if you continue browsing you accept its use, blablabla, it is something necessary in the European Union, something mandatory in the websites managed from there, and from now on you will see it much more.

From the adsense blog they report that now the obligation is not limited to the administrators of European websites and to all sites that receive visits from the European Union, that is, to practically all websites in the world.

The new user consent policy, available here, makes this clear: publishers whose websites receive visitors from the European Union should ask these users for permission to use their data.

There are several ways to put this notice, they indicate them in their help center, although they specify that, depending on the object of the website, it may be necessary to personalize both the message and the way of displaying it.

They also present, a website that helps webmasters not to get lost in the subject, with links to applications and plugins that install the necessary component with just a few clicks.

Among the resources the following advise us:

Remember that this obligation is also necessary in apps, so do not forget to go to the iOS and Android section to include the necessary code.