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Facebook acquires CRM to revolutionize the customer service industry

With the growing digitization of companies, and more so with the situation caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and with the rise of other customer support channels beyond telephone service, Facebook has just confirmed that they have just acquired an omnichannel CRM platform called Kustomer, a major operation by which they intend to revolutionize the customer service industry.

And it is not for less, since we must bear in mind that in recent years, Facebook has been expanding its messaging services, Messenger and WhatsApp, towards communication, and where appropriate, the completion of purchases, between companies and users. .

The messenger as an attractive channel for company / client relationships

In fact, there are many companies that use messaging as the only communication channel with their customers, a way that turns out to be quite promising as it facilitates interactions between companies and customers in a much simpler and more practical way than through calls. telephone numbers.

For example, they point out that every day, more than 175 million people communicate with companies through WhatsApp, which is not surprising, and more so with the possibilities that WhatsApp Business offers to companies regardless of their size.

Although the financial terms of the operation have not been disclosed, a Wall Street Journal report indicates that this operation has had a cost of one billion dollars. As always, the closing of the transaction is subject to approval by the regulatory authorities.

In the official statement they state that the Kustomer team, with founders Brad Birnbaum and Jeremy Suriel at the helm, will soon join the Facebook family.

Facebook supporting the improvement of the customer service experience

Facebook is committed to providing the necessary resources so that its new CRM can evolve in such a way that customers can receive fast and efficient attention, when they need it, regardless of the channel they use, which in addition to messaging includes email, web chat messages, and phone calls.

In addition, Facebook plans to bring Kustomer’s data to its own infrastructure, acting as a service provider, while maintaining ownership of the data to Kustomer’s respective business partners.

In this regard, Facebook will not use Kustomer’s data for its advertising purposes, allowing Kustomer’s business partners to use your data for their marketing purposes, which may even be independent of Facebook’s advertising services.