Facebook - Contacto de legado

Facebook already offers the possibility of choosing a legacy contact in Europe

As we announced earlier this year, Facebook users residing in the United States have the possibility to choose what they want to happen with their profile once they have died, and they can choose between choosing a legacy contact or the closing your account. Recently, this feature has finally reached Europe.

As Facebook explains on its help page, a legacy contact is the person you choose to manage your account if it becomes commemorative, something that happens once the user's death has been reported to the social network. To choose the person who will be in charge of managing our account when we cannot, we only have to click on the Configuration menu and click on the Security tab. There we will see the Legacy Contact option, from which we can indicate the name of the chosen relative or friend. It is important to note that the chosen person will not receive any type of notification indicating that they have become our legacy contact, although you will be able to indicate it personally if you consider it appropriate. Once your account has become commemorative, the chosen person can post a single post on your profile, such as a commemorative message. In addition, you will have the possibility to update both the cover and profile photos, as well as respond to new friend requests (from users who were not registered on the social network before death). It is important to note that the user chosen to manage your profile from your commemorative account, so they will not have access to your traditional account. Thus, you will not be able to delete or modify publications, read private messages or delete friends. You must be at least 18 years old to select a legacy contact.

In case we prefer that no one manages our account, we can request Facebook to permanently delete the account, as you can see in the image that heads this article.

Source: TNW