Facebook bans ads that discourage users from getting vaccinated

The Facebook team announced that anti-vaccine ads will be banned from the platform. This action is part of Facebook’s initiative to promote vaccination campaigns.

To do this, implement a strategy made up of different actions. On the one hand, they will launch an awareness and information campaign on vaccination .. And at the same time, support the campaigns promoted by different organizations.

For example, users in the US will not only see content about vaccines on Facebook, but also information about the nearest center to get vaccinated. Information that will be enhanced with a series of reminders on Facebook so that users can see related content in the News Feed and in the Information Center.

An initiative that will be extended to other countries in the coming weeks. And on the other hand, it prohibits any type of advertising that encourages users not to get vaccinated on the platform worldwide.

Our goal is to help messages about vaccine safety and efficacy reach a broad group of people, while banning misinformation advertisements that could harm public health efforts.

So any advertising that contributes to misinformation about vaccines or discourages people from getting vaccinated will be prohibited. However, the Facebook team makes a clarification:

Ads that advocate for or against government vaccine legislation or policies, including a COVID-19 vaccine, are still allowed.

In that case, the dynamics are different, since the sponsors will need a pre-authorization, and they will be published with a label so that users know what it is about and who is behind that advertising.