Facebook begins offering other types of notifications on its mobile application

Facebook wants the notification tab of its mobile application for Android and iOS to be more useful and more personalized for the users themselves. In this sense, they have just announced that in the update of their mobile application now and it will be possible to obtain other types of notifications in it, although that is, these new notifications are gradually beginning to apply to users of the Android and iOS platforms in the United States.

The new notifications that the aforementioned users may obtain correspond to the milestones of the friends themselves, such as birthdays and important events in life, such as getting married, having children or changing to a new job, sports results and television reminders, based on specialized Facebook pages of which they are followers, as well as notifications of upcoming events in which they participate.In addition, they can optionally obtain more information in a personalized way if they have the location history enabled, so that they can obtain information about events that happen around them, weather updates, know those films that are on theaters of nearby cinemas, as well like recommendations for nearby places to eat, linked to their Facebook pages and comments.

Facebook ensures that with the update, the current configuration that users have will not be modified, although at any time they can go to the configuration section so that they can customize the notifications they want to receive through the notifications tab. You also have the possibility to personalize the information you receive by clicking on the arrow that you will get inside each card, and you can even add more cards within the notifications tab.