Creador de Avatares de Facebook

Facebook expands the use of custom avatars

Facebook Avatar is a fun Facebook tool that, like Memoji (Apple) or Bitmojis (Snap), among others, allows users to generate their own virtual representations to use in conversations.

Almost coinciding with the first anniversary of its launch, which began in Australia, and has already spread to different parts of the world, including Spain, the avatars of Facebook finally arrive in the United States.

But not only that, but it has also been incorporated new clothing, hair and skin tone options, offering greater possibilities for customization. In this way, from now on, more users can create their own avatars.

For those who have not yet used this tool and want to have their own avatars, this guide that we published just a week ago could be useful.

Fidji Simo has been in charge of announcing the expansion of Facebook Avatars to the United States from their Facebook profile, noting that in addition to comments, stories and Messenger, users will be able to use their avatars soon in the publication of texts with funds.

For Simo:

With so many emotions and expressions to choose from, avatars allow you to react and interact more authentically with family and friends through the app. It is important to us that you can customize your avatar to represent your unique and authentic personality, which is why we are also adding a new range of customizations, such as new hairstyles, complexions and outfits.

Coincidence or not, Facebook continues to take advantage of the quarantine period for the Covid-19 pandemic to facilitate and strengthen communication between users. Without going any further, the most notable of all the recent measures is the launch of Messenger Rooms, in addition to the expansion of the capacity of group video calls on WhatsApp.