Facebook globally launches Security Checkup, a new tool to manage security

Starting today and globally, currently accessible only from desktops, Facebook users have a new security tool called Security Checkup, from which we are offered a simplified experience when managing some key elements of security of our user accounts through three simple steps.

This new tool is divided into three sections, where in the first one we will indicate those devices in which we are logged in with the possibility of closing it, the second allows us to activate the login alerts to notify us when someone is trying to access our accounts , and in the last section we will obtain advice to have a secure and unique password, advice that we will have to pay attention to if we want to improve the security of our accounts.

Facebook tells us that at some point in the next few weeks we will be alerted to the existence of this new tool through our respective walls, and also reminds us that we can always access all the security options that we have at our disposal through the Security tab within the configuration options.

The idea, basically, is that users care about the security of our accounts, providing us with access to the different sections that we can manage as much as possible. Security Checkup is expected to be available soon on mobile devices as well.