Facebook Introduces Premium Ads

Facebook Introduces Premium Ads

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, announced today in New York some news related to the world of marketing on this social network.

Among other things, they have shown their concern for bringing brands closer to human beings and have affirmed that social marketing is, and must continue to be, in the hands of professionals, not in the tool, although Facebook can help a lot at work.

Shortly thereafter, Facebook’s vice president, Chris Cox, took the stage also stating that the brands on the platform are its best content creators.

Then it was Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Global Business Marketing talking about how social media is bringing back the relationship between customers and brands, he also spoke about the new company pages on Facebook and ended with the announcement of Facebook Premium.

Facebook has decided to turn its social network into a mass marketing platform, and for this it presented its Reach Generator, a tool that guarantees that the content published by brands will be seen by 75% of their fans. According to Hoefflinger, in tests they managed to double their total stake and increase sales in a 3 × 1 return on investment.

Although there have not been much details about how the tool works, they do indicate that news that brands wish to disseminate can be sent to the NewsFeed Facebook to increase your visibility, including also advertising when fans log out of your Facebook session. The company decides what it wants to publicize, hire Facebook and the social network will be in charge of presenting it in various ways among its community of fans.

As reported in InsideFacebook, these Premium ads can only be contracted directly with Facebook representatives, without a Google Adwords-style control panel that allows anyone to appear on all our fan pages.

At the moment it will affect the public in the United States from April, we will be attentive to see when it will be available in other countries, as well as the reaction of users before this news.

More information: InsideFacebook

Real-time broadcast of the event: www.insidefacebook.com

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