Facebook launches Live, a live video service for public figures

Facebook has just announced the launch of a new way for public personalities (with verified page) to be in direct contact with and interact with their followers, since it has launched the Live function, its new feature that allows the realization of videos. live in the Mentions app.

Starting today, athletes, musicians, politicians and other public personalities can reach their followers through this new way, who during the same videos, will also be able to see the number of followers who are seeing them live and the comments that are sent to them. arriving, which can be giving answers or directly hide them.

Unlike services such as Meerkat or Periscope, live videos will be available indefinitely for later access once they have ended from the personalities page, except in those cases in which they decide to withdraw.

Fans will know when a public personality he follows has started to recast a live video through the news wall. According to the Facebook announcement, Live is an immersive and authentic way to connect with public characters that matter, in real time.

Without a doubt, it is a rather interesting option, taking into account the data that Facebook offers that 900 million people are connected to public personalities through Facebook, being one more bet than allowing users to stay longer within this social network.