Facebook reviews the trajectory of the project in numbers is a project that Facebook has carried out and in which it has had the collaboration with various technology companies for its foundation with the aim of connecting two thirds of the world population with the Internet so that they can use it to daily, knowing and taking advantage of the value that can provide them in their lives.

In this regard, Facebook today issued a statement indicating that this week marks the first anniversary of the introduction of the application in its first country, Zambia.

From then until today, has been reaching new countries, up to a total of 17, giving access to free basic Internet services (s, including Facebook) to one billion people in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Counting on the collaboration with more than a dozen mobile operators.

It adds that more than 50% of new users surf faster after the launch of free basic services, and that more than half of users who access the Internet through are paying for Internet access during first 30 days.

According to the statement, the aspirations of the project go further, since also, taking into account everything learned during these twelve months, now the free basic services of are ready to be scalable, thus facilitating greater adoption .

To all this must be added the launch of a section on the official website through which other interested mobile phone operators can join the project, as well as the recent launch of the platform, focused on developers, allowing them to create Internet-based services. .org. With the sum of mobile phone operators and developers, Facebook hopes to extend the benefits of connectivity to those groups that still do not have any access to the Internet.