Facebook Spectrum - obtaining information about our Facebook accounts

Facebook Spectrum – obtaining information about our Facebook accounts

At this point, there is no doubt about the power Facebook has within the internet in general and within social networks in particular. There are many activities that we carry out on Facebook together with our own friends. That is why Facebook Spectrum offers us a different, clear and practical way to see different aspects of our account, with graphs and lists, for which we must identify ourselves with our Facebook user account. It offers us a list of contacts, a computer by age of their Facebook accounts, view and graphically navigate our timeline and that of each of our friends, a complete calendar of all the birthdays of our contacts along with the upcoming birthdays, a list together with a map of our contacts’ locations, graphs of the 10 contacts with the most albums and photos available, and other statistical data on the distribution of sex and educational level among our contacts. They will offer us more data later. It is, therefore, another way of accessing the information of our accounts, more clear and complete, than what Facebook really offers us natively. Link: Facebook Spectrum | Goes