Facebook works on a system to keep ads away from certain topics

Facebook wants to implement new controls so that the ads that appear in the News Feed are not close to certain topics.

This gives advertisers more freedom in how to display their ads, and not associate themselves with topics that are counterproductive to their advertising.

Controls to exclude topics near ads

A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the goals they had planned for Facebook in 2021. Less political content in the News Feed and more attention in the functions that contribute to creating community in Facebook, are some of the goals that he mentioned.

A series of changes that we will see during 2021 as new measures are implemented, for example, removing the recommendations of political and civic groups so as not to give it more popularity beyond their own communities.

On the other hand, they are also working on other solutions for advertisers. For example, you mentioned implementing a system that would give advertisers more freedom to determine what topics they want to keep away from ads that appear in the News Feed, as mentioned by the Facebook team:

For example, a children’s toy company may want to avoid content related to a new crime show, so it might select the topic Crime and Tragedy.

That way, advertisers could exclude topics that could harm the spirit they are trying to achieve with their ads to capture the attention of users. It seems like a logical dynamic, both for advertisers and users. However, these topic exclusion controls in the News Feed are not that easy to implement, and Facebook ensures that it works to protect user privacy during the development of these changes.

For the moment, this new dynamic will be implemented with a small group of users as a pilot test, but this stage could take all of 2021.