Favit, a sooo social feed aggregator

Favit, a sooo social feed aggregator

Until now, Google has introduced a series of social functions to Google Reader that in practice are very little used, since we use this aggregator more to follow the contents of the sources to which we are subscribed and share with our contacts those contents that the more they attract our attention. There are hardly any comments, notes or likes. But … can you imagine a feed aggregator turned social network? Well, you don’t have to imagine it, just create a user account in Favit.

Favit combines the basic functions of a feed aggregator with social functions in the style of Twitter. U.S we can add feeds and import the subscriptions that we have in our account in Google Reader, but also follow shared content of the users we follow and generate and / or subscribe specific streams.

Once we have the sources added, where they will also suggest some more to add, and following a series of contacts, where they will also give us a list of users that we can follow, we can start interacting with Favit.

The Favit workspace is divided into three areas. In the first we have the sidebar, where we have the different interaction options, from the search option to the creation of custom streams according to our criteria. Among these options we can also access the direct messages received, the discussions where we participate, and those contents that we have pointed out to read later.

The second area or intermediate area will access the content access, and it is in this space where we can also make direct publications, in which we can update our status, share links, images or videos, and even give us access to create articles directly.

Y in the main area will be where we access the different contents, where we can highlight them with likes, share them publicly or to a series of users, point them out for further reading, and even add comments. It is also in this area where we will directly write our own articles that we can share with users who follow us., in addition to managing the different options of our user account, including the linking of our account with other services such as Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

We already have entertainment for a while, although the basics are missing to take advantage of this service, the provision of a series of contacts to follow and with whom to interact.