FeedFabrik - To create books from blogs on different platforms

FeedFabrik – To create books from blogs on different platforms

FeedFabrik offers a service divided into two sections which have been named: PictureFabrik and Bookfabrik.


The first option will allow us to create a wallpaper with our Facebook friends, all this for free, since if we wish we can acquire other types of objects for a low price, such as a poster or a PDF file. Its use is quite simple since it only requires giving permissions to the application to collect data about our friends, once this step is done we will only have to wait for that background to appear on the screen which we can download with a maximum size of 2100x1400px .


In the second case, it is a small application that allows us through a blog to create a personalized book with all our publications, it also includes an index so that the reader does not get lost at any time. This option is paid and costs approximately 7.95. To use the application we can select several platforms, which can be from Blogger to WordPress through Typepad or Tumblr. Once connected to our preferred platform, we wait several seconds and automatically generate that PDF document to share with our readers or friends.


Therefore, a tool worth trying both for creating wallpapers with our friends and for creating our electronic book with our publications. If you have tried this application, we would like you to give your opinion at the bottom of the page.