Feedly is working to create static pages with our content

Feedly is a good reader of feeds. It is fast, it does not usually present errors … it fulfills its objective: to register websites and to allow the reading of all the news, from different sources, from the same platform.

Having an RSS feed is practically mandatory to reach readers who are not interested in accessing our site and who are interested in reading our content, readers who consult dozens of sources and do not have time to access each of them, which is why they prefer to have access to a reading panel like the one offered by Google Reader or the one offered today by Feedly.

For the website that publishes the news, it is a great advantage, since many of those readers share the content via email or social networks, allowing new users to be reached who, by clicking on this link, will access our website and learn about the wonders there. existing.

But… what would happen if clicking on the shared link does not access our website and there is a feedly page with a copy of our content? What would happen if feedly creates a static page with each of our news and lets it be that page the destination of all clicks to shared links ?.

That is what they are doing, as reported by the-digital-reader.com.

It is a functionality still in development that has already been enjoyed for a few hours. Feedly now has a beta channel at feedly.com/beta where they will show all the experiments they are testing, and the one on the static page is one of them.

As Feedly has confirmed, this is a resource that allows new readers to interact more with content. The problem is that they do not interact with the content on our site and on Feedly, which I do not think will help improve the numbers related to visits or subscribers of the medium responsible for the information.

Hopefully this is an optional functionality that we can activate or deactivate from the configuration menu, otherwise many media may start cutting the content of the feed to avoid having pages available on the web with complete copies of what they have published.