Fiabee publishes version for iPhone

Fiabee publishes version for iPhone

Since I told you about fiabee in January, the online backup service has not stopped growing.

For the clueless: it is a fully automatic, real-time cloud storage system that allows for selective backup. The user chooses the files and folders of which he wants to make the copy and from that moment any modification or new file within said folders will be automatically copied, being a perfect option to have our files available from anywhere without having to perform any action. extra.

[…] works in the background, in a non-intrusive way, and consuming few resources, being available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 for 32 and 64 Bit.

The fact is that the Fiabee application for iPhone has just been published in the App Store, being able to manage a replica on the iPhone and in real time of thousands, even tens of thousands of files distributed in hundreds of folders on their remote servers. In this way it is possible to access the entire structure of our folders and files, as we have them stored, with the possibility of sharing any file without having to download it to the phone.

[…] advantages of speed, saving in bandwidth consumption and agility of having access to all your information wherever you are.

An excellent option, available in Spanish, and with up to 7 gigs of free storage.