Fiabee Sync - To sync files between multiple devices

Fiabee Sync – To sync files between multiple devices

Fiabee, the web solution that allows us to store our files in the cloud, recently introduced the possibility of synchronizing our material between different devices with the new Fiabee Sync.

The system, also available in the Chrome Store and on Android devices, allows selective synchronization, being able to access all our files as if we had them available locally.

– Access, modify, search – even offline – and share any of your files, from any device. It does not matter where it is stored or where it was created. – It is not necessary to download the files locally: you can share them through a link through your email account, Facebook or Twitter. – Send files directly to your Android at Through your Chrome browser, with a simple Drag & Drop (we are working so that you can send them to whoever you want) .‚Äď View your MS Office files through integration with Google Docs.

The Fiabee application for Chrome is an application that has been specially designed and developed for use on Netbooks with Chrome OS. It runs in the browser itself and has the ability to work offline, searching for documents or files in real time and locally, by having an intelligent synchronization of all existing data on all synchronized devices.

An increasingly present solution, taking up more space every day than the well-known Dropbox.