Finding what Google can’t find

Not all the content of the web can be found with traditional search engines, there are many others that allow you to navigate between documents on very specific topics or between pages of extranets that are not crawled by the usual robots. that can help those who want to look beyond Google: – infomine: Created by some American universities, with content classified by categories. – Qwiki: Able to collect information from various sources to generate an animation with the results. They have launched a really amazing iPad app. Although the pieces of the puzzle can be found on Google, the result is unique – vlib.org: One of the oldest catalogs on the web. One of its creators was Tim Berners-Lee.‚Äď infoplease.com: Encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases and biographies that, on many occasions, do not appear in other search engines.‚Äď scirus.com: More than 370 million scientific documents.‚Äď wolframalpha. com: finally, you can not stop commenting on the famous Wolfram Alpha, capable of returning results of mathematical operations, intelligent analysis of information and processed data from various sources.