Finger, launches applications painting on the screen of android

Finger launches a new version of its Android application, a tool that helps us open applications by drawing on the screen, thus avoiding having to search for the icon or use the search for the phone.

We just have to configure the symbol that represents each application, when we draw this symbol on the screen, the corresponding app will open.

In this new version it allows you to synchronize the data between different devices using our Google Drive account. They have improved the aesthetic aspect, both the typography and the user interface, and they have improved the gesture recognition system.

About the news they also tell us:

Now the application supports launching shortcuts to any type of navigation: calls, launching a WhatsApp conversation, web addresses, actions for root devices, simulation of physical buttons and a long etc… the application now also offers various systems to display the shortcut launcher (drawing panel used to launch shortcuts), either through the little ball that is always displayed on the screen, from a notification in the notification bar or from the home screen.

Available for free on Google Play, it has been developed by Carlos Morera de la Chica, who explains that the key point of the application is his Finger drawer, a button that stays floating on the phone to place a transparent window that will be the receive the gesture to open the desired application, a button that, like the floating window of the Facebook messaging system, can be dragged to any place that does not harm the use of the application that we have open.