Firefox begins testing its new privacy feature among users in the United States

Firefox begins testing its new privacy feature among users in the United States

The Mozilla Foundation is relaunching its Test Pilot program, with various improvements, and with its relaunch, testing of its new VPN service, called Firefox Private Network, a new feature focused on privacy.

At the moment these tests are going to be carried out among users from the United States through the desktop version of Firefox. They should only install its corresponding extension and log in to your Firefox accounts to be the first to use this new service, which, during the beta stage, will be available for free.

From the Mozilla Foundation they find an increasing demand for privacy functions, and through their new VPN service they intend to offer a secure and encrypted route to the web to protect their connection and their personal information anywhere and anywhere they use their browser. Firefox.

The most logical thing is that the new VPN service will later be extended to mobile devices, and even become a new source of income for the foundation, which will test the launch of various price plans depending on the needs.

The truth is that Firefox is not the first browser to integrate VPN functions, currently having Opera, which already has its own VPN service integrated into the browser, offering this service for free.

According to the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox Private Network offer protection to users when connecting through public WiFi networks, protecting all the confidential information that is transmitted, in addition to hiding the IP addresses, making it difficult for third parties to track them, and allowing their activation / deactivation at any time through a button to be integrated into the interface.

The Mozilla Foundation hopes to gather feedback from those users who try this service, promising to make some variations in the tests over the next few months to explore the different technical options that they may eventually offer to all users.