First interactive ocean floor map

In Australia, at the University of Sydney School of Geoscience, they have created an interactive web map that shows us the different types of materials found at the bottom of the ocean, the result of obtaining more than 14,000 samples from different regions to to be able to create the project, as commented on Google Maps Mania.

Available at, it offers the possibility of viewing the map in 2D, in the form of a 3D globe (Google Earth-style) and in perspective view, the latter being the best to know the heights and see relief details.

At the bottom right is the legend with the meanings of each color, which allows us to know what type of material is in each region of the planet (sand, silicon, volcanic ash, etc.). The legend is extremely small, so it is necessary to click on it to enlarge it (they have invested a lot to collect the material from all over the planet, but really the technology applied in this interactive map is not the best we have seen) .

The scale of the details can be selected in the left menu, where it is also possible to indicate if we want to see the rivers and the reference points.

If what you expected was a detailed Google Maps of the seabed to find sunken ships, I am disappointed, we are still many years away to have something like this.