Five soccer apps for iPhone

Five soccer apps for iPhone

They are the many who dedicate their Sunday afternoon to entertain themselves with the league and to follow the Champions League and other sports competitions in the world of football.

For fans or followers there are a series of applications so as not to miss a day.

Professional Football League

You will be able to follow the matches live and have all the information of your first or second division team.


Quite more complete since it follows not only the Spanish League but we can also follow the Europa League, UEFA, Champions, Premier League, women’s football, among others. We can enjoy European matches live.


The application most downloaded by Spanish users with sports information not only from the world of football, direct every day and the possibility of listening to Radio Marca.


Another of the applications best valued by the followers of the football leagues in general and international since we can see live and follow with news instantly, player profiles, photos, etc. the leagues of Latin America, Asia, Africa, etc.


More American than anything, it is a very complete application regarding the world of sports in all its splendor: NBA, Football, Formula 1, Nascar, Bisbol, etc … with international news and results up to date.

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