FiVi - Create and share sports routines to get fit

FiVi – Create and share sports routines to get fit

Fivi is a online community dedicated to Fitness and Wellness, which aims to create an environment in which athletes from all over the world can share resources and training routines to improve their physical form.

Once our free account is created, we can start create custom routines, indicating the type of exercise to be carried out, the objectives, repetitions and other notable characteristics, which we can better document by adding photographs to illustrate them.

Among the social functions of the community, we will have the possibility of add friends with which to share the secrets of our workouts and even look for companions to accompany us during exercise sessions, although this function is currently limited to users in the USA.

As a complement to all this group of resources, we also have access to several calculators with which to obtain the calories burned with each specific session, the percentages of body fat and the like.

Definitely, FiVi It seems like a pretty useful and complete community, with which to learn some new exercises, although that is, as long as we know english.