Flickr announces its integration with Facebook

Flickr announces its integration with Facebook

If in October of last year Flickr surprised us with the possibility of using the service using a Google account, today it does so again by announcing its integration with Facebook.

Today we welcome our new partner in this service and we are pleased to announce that you can now log into your Flickr account with your Facebook account!

In addition, members who already have a Flickr account can configure their account so that it can be entered through their Google or Facebook account, in addition to the Yahoo! account.As an important detail: Those who use Facebook or Google as income for the Flickr account will be able to share their public photos in their Facebook account, configuring the Sharing and Extending section of the account.

We use Yahoo! Updates to share your Flickr photos on the Yahoo! and with partner sites. When you start the connection through Yahoo! Updates, you can see your public uploads on Flickr wherever Yahoo! updates appear. Only you will be able to see your posts on Flickr unless you decide to make them public.

A good smart move from Yahoo!