Flickr launches new Pro subscription plan

Flickr has just launched its new Pro subscription, which replaces the previous Pro and the Ad-Free subscription, as indicated in a new announcement published today, which will offer general advantages for all users who take advantage of this plan, as well as other additional benefits for those subscribers who opt for this plan on an annual basis, taking into account that both new and existing users of the platform can access this renewed subscription plan (Pro) by paying $ 5.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year.

It is clear that this plan is focused more on the most intensive Flickr users, who make greater use and enjoyment of the platform, also taking into account the evolution that this service has been receiving throughout all these years and the growth of competition, including 500px, its closest rival.

In this sense, the new Pro subscription brings to all users new and improved statistics that will allow them to better understand the performance that is being generated by those of their photographs that more visitors receive and have attracted more attention, in addition to having a prominent badge and the lack of advertising on the service, even when viewing the photos of other users.

Subscribers will also have a 20% discount on the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, in addition to free shipping within the United States as well as a 50% discount on international shipping for purchases over $ 25.

Flickr does not forget about the current users of its old Pro subscription, which will be automatically migrated to the new Pro subscription keeping prices and unlimited space, while the subscribers of the Ad-Free option will also be migrated to the new subscription. Pro without price changes or renewal date.