Flipboard presents its "smart personalized magazines"

Flipboard is one of the best options available to keep us informed about news related to what we like. We just have to decide the categories and wait for the constant collection of information, with the option of creating personalized magazines to share them with contacts.

Now they present a new resource in an update to their app: Smart Magazines, a section that offers content on very specific topics, adding new social actions, a redesigned profile, a passion selector and more ways to discover what is worth reading.

Flipboard has been slowly integrating Zite's smart news selection technology, and they want people to stop reading about their interests and start reading about their passions, they said. For this they want to separate what we read for fun or work from what we read because we are really passionate about it, and that is why they want to highlight new sections.

The main interface of this version 4.0 of the app is now a customizable sliding gallery with several automatically created smart magazines. Each magazine is represented by an almost full-screen cover photo, a cover that changes over time. It is possible to select up to 9 different magazines on our main page.

The new tool presented allows us to configure a new magazine, different from the ones offered by default. We can select Technology, for example, but we will not see the same as all the users who selected that topic, since the selector of the passions asks us for several subtopics so that we can have something much more personalized (Internet, gadgets, security, artificial intelligence, and a long etcetera).

Once we have set up a smart magazine, Flipboard will keep you updated with its smart news picker, with both human selection, related sources, articles shared by users, tweets, and others.

It requires more work, yes, but the fruit generated is perfect: a magazine with the exact content we want to read.

Here you play it in video: