flowcv, to create an elegant resume in a few minutes

Using a traditional text editor to compose a CV may not be a good idea, there are too many points to be taken into account, and many times we forget them.

Personally I prefer to have a CV in the form of an infographic that highlights what makes me different, much more than the list of jobs I have had or the number of courses I have taken, but on other occasions it is necessary to have something more complete, and for this flowcv is perfect.

What flowcv intends is to offer a tool that helps to innovate and create CVs in a few minutes. It offers templates with knowledge sectors, guides for adding content and formatting in a simple way. We can alter colors, change the order of information, set margins … it's like a Word for resumes, and it does it elegantly in a web application.

We just have to follow the steps, define color palettes, include the texts of our work experience, university career or courses taken, so that a document is generated in a few minutes, with the possibility of downloading it to be able to send it by mail to the companies we want .

We have spoken in the past of an infinity of solutions of this type, among which we highlight:

– mockrabbit, an attractive online resume creator – cvlogin, interesting tool to generate our resumes in minutes – Bio Tower, to create an interactive resume with professional design – 3 apps to create and edit a resume on Android

But if you are looking for something more specific, do not forget to ask it on our social networks, where we will always be attentive to your questions.