Followgram adds features to its platform designed for companies

We already introduced you to Followgram at the time as the web application focused on giving more visibility to Instagram users, who in addition to being able to include their follow-up buttons on their respective websites, will be able to create their own pages under custom URLs where they can display so much data and content, among others. Recently, it has also incorporated new ways for the manual creation of photographic albums, being able to mix its images with those of other users.

Now, the changes introduced by the platform are aimed at making it easier for brands, who, based on the data they obtain, will be able to make decisions when using the service.

Among the characteristics, those of more value are the statistics, which allow brands to know those most used labels, the most used filters, and the most photographed places, which will give them a global idea of ​​the habits of use. It also includes the likes, comments, tags, places, and averages of photos taken by year, month, and day.

Custom web addresses (Vanity URLs) will also be available to brands, who can also track RSS feeds and statistics for better usage ideas. Managing multiple accounts, viewing data flow as list, grid, or journal, plus improved profile management will help you get the most out of your application.

Link: Followgram | Goes: TNW