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For developers and advertisers: Ads within Google Play and more tools

For a few months, the Play Store began showing its users app ads when performing a search. The feature offered a select group of firms the ability to promote their apps in the header of the results screen, once again displayed after making a query in the Android store.

Well, it has been announced that this functionality referenced in English as now available for all advertisers and developers Search Ads on Google Play; It is available to those who, through AdWords, create application installation campaigns on the Google search network (Search app install).

Why consider this new format? They mention in Google that for the more than a billion mobile devices running Android and the desire of the majority to discover useful applications to satisfy their needs. For example, the screenshot that accompanies this article shows how the portal takes advantage of searches on hotel reservations to advertise.

To enrich you, there is also a tracking option called Android first app opens, option that allows knowing when a user, after clicking on an advertisement for the installation of apps and proceed with such installation, opens it.

The rest of the Google ad is that the Universal App CampaignsIn the coming weeks, they will begin to facilitate app promotion campaigns simultaneously within the search network, YouTube, AdMob and the millions of websites present on the Display network.

More information: Official AdWords blog