wants to become the number 1 community in multiplayer games wants to become the number 1 community in multiplayer games is the heir website of Since its inception, it already has more than 750,000 registered users and 10 of the most popular multiplayer games such as Parchs, Cruzaletras, Chess or Chinchn. Beloved Martin some details about the development work:

It all started about two years ago, we saw trends that more and more people were looking to share, compete, make friends and were no longer satisfied with playing alone at home since everything was going social as we have seen with the Boom of Facebook. The beginnings were very hard! We were starting a project from scratch with no experience whatsoever in the development of multiplayer game technology. But luckily we have great human capital and a great passion for game development. We started as only 3 people and in a few months we managed to get a Beta of Checkers and Naval Battle that worked like a charm. We reaffirmed ourselves in the idea that we were on the right track and then we began to think about a profitable and sustainable business model that would allow us to grow at the development and platform level. We want to be different and we look at the business model that was causing a sensation in the market, the Freemium model where you can play 100% for free and if you pay you can get Premium services, virtual goods or profits. With a clear and established business model, every two or three months we start to release new games and realize that people in the community want more, so we set ourselves the goal of increasing production, that is how it is today. We launch a new game almost every month and we now have 13 people on the staff. Our objectives? The objective is none other than to become a world reference for multiplayer games, for this to the offices we already have in Barcelona and Uruguay we have now added another new office in Santiago de Chile to train a new team of 15 people. In total we have three teams developing multiplayer games, and we are investing around 600,000 euros per year in human capital to internationalize the community, with the United States being the first country in our expansion. We are sure that we will surprise many users with new and exclusive multiplayer games so that the fun never stops on Fr9. We also hope to have a great international acceptance, we know how hard it is to be successful in the United States due to the great competition that exists in the Anglo-Saxon market, however we are a company with a good track record but young, with great ideas and a lot of passion and motivation for our work