Free courses for WWWhatsnew readers: Digital Marketing and Digital Identity

From Foxize School, a school for professionals who want to update their digital knowledge flexibly, they offer three-hour classroom and online courses using the 3T methodology (Trends, Tips, Tools). They are trends, tips and tools to understand how technology is changing Marketing, Communication and People Skills.

We now offer two courses for free to you, readers of

Digital Marketing Course by Fernando de la Rosa (link). Free course (until February 24) with the code: WWWMKT.

How does the digital world affect marketing activity? In this course you will find a clear methodology to follow so as not to be mistaken if you want to transform and adapt your company to the digital environment. You will learn how ‘digital’ affects the value proposition, communication, sales channels, processes within the company and its culture.

Course Design your digital identity by Albert Garcia Pujadas (link). Free course (until February 24) with the code: WWWIDENT

Today, if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. But there is something more important than just being: knowing what you transmit, what reputation you have and how your audience perceives you. Do you want to learn to control it?

Two opportunities worth taking advantage of to learn the format of the courses offered by Foxize.