Free eBooks in Spanish on Social Web

Since many of you are starting to get used to reading ebooks from smartphones, tablets and other toys, here is a list of free ebooks (in PDF) related to our favorite topic: The Social Web.

These are just some of the links from the list released by bytepr.com in June, which I personally have read and recommend. Others are from publications on Bubok.

Planet Web 2.0 (Cristbal Cobo Roman and Hugo Pardo Kuklinski) – www.planetaweb2.net

[…] the book Planet Web 2.0. Collective intelligence or fast food media, by the researchers Cristbal Cobo Roman and Hugo Pardo Kuklinski (with a foreword by Alejandro Piscitelli), pretends from its first chapter to be a unifier of ideas, by designing a brief theoretical framework for the digital Darwinism of the World Wide Web and compile a vast map of readings for those interested in understanding and delving into this evolutionary moment of the Internet.

Geekonoma (Hugo Pardo Kuklinski) – publicacions.ub.es

Since the emergence of the Internet and personal computing, geeks are the new scribes in the world, capable of creating the instruments they use, or appropriating in a special way those already created. […] The category of digital communication has been imposed as a differentiating device to emphasize the new. But the industrial processes of the information economy are already exclusively digital and the term radiates ambiguity. If all the information flows generated in the ICT space are digital, why is this condition still being emphasized?

Web 2.0 (Antonio Fumero and Gens Roca) – fundacionorange.es

[…] analyzes the evolution of the so-called participatory web for the Internet, based on the appearance of new technologies that have led to a radical change in routines and in the attitude of users when immersing themselves in the Internet.

Communication in Social Media (IAB Spain) – iabspain.net – Online version in box.net.

This project is part of the IAB’s objectives of promoting and promoting the development of interactive marketing and advertising in Spain, offering reference materials that analyze various factors in the digital media landscape. This White Paper was created with the aim of explaining in a simple way the communication actions that can be developed in social media [‚Ķ]

Keys to the new Marketing (Various Authors) – clavedelnuevomarketing.com

We started the path by demystifying Web 2.0, it is not about tools but about people, so that our approach must be focused on the consumer, it must be a message-centric approach over image, an experience-centric approach over the product, an approach centered on how companies, talking with their customers, are able to offer an adequate response to their needs.

Twitter for those who do not use Twitter (Juan Diego Polo) – Bubok

[…] show the possibilities of the tool for those who want to discover a new way of working and communicating, advice both for those who prefer to be passive users, reading and finding information difficult or impossible to find in other media, and for those who are willing to get out of it. the maximum game by streamlining the tasks that are still performed in ineffective ways today.

The new Web 2.0 Manifesto (Jaime Lpez-Chicheri and Toni Martn vila) – Bubok

[…] transfer the professional opportunities that the Internet is bringing us to develop this new marketing that has entered almost without knocking on the door. Many themes are new, the environment itself is constantly evolving and therefore knowing the rules of the game is important to get the most out of it. We wanted to present these tools under the umbrella of a saying and some points of the always recommended Clue Train. Centering the tools on this tag of the Society of Conversation.