Google for Education

Free Google Programs and Resources for Educators and Students

The Google team today reminds us again of the free resources and programs that are available worldwide, so that educators have different proposals to enrich their computer classes.

At Google for Education we find a series of learning opportunities that we can share with our students.

There is a section dedicated to resources that educators can consider for their study plans, such as games, tools, and teacher tips.

For example, we have Blockly Games, a series of educational games designed for children who take their first steps in programming. O CS Edu that contains a collection of resources and strategies to use in the lessons and incentivize students.

To choose the right resource for our class, we can use the filter that allows us to choose different age ranges, and show us different proposals that we can customize for the needs of our students.

In another section, we will find programs and contests that Google organizes to involve students in different activities and projects. To know what programs are enabled in our area, we have to filter by region.

There are many content that educators can use to improve their teaching skills and enhance their classes. As well as finding out about the different proposals that Google offers to students, to encourage them as groups or individually to participate.