FreeNew - Download all your favorite applications in one click

FreeNew – Download all your favorite applications in one click

FreeNew is a very interesting application that will allow us to create an installer for the desktop applications that we need the most.

When entering the portal we will be able to select several programs among the different categories that they offer us, from bittorrent to free antivirus through Browsers, Office Programs, etc.

Once all the programs we need have been collected, we just have to click on Get installer and download the program they ask for. Once downloaded, we proceed to install it.

When it is installed, a panel will appear that firstly shows us all the applications on our computer, then it will tell us about the installed applications which new updates have come out so that we can update them if we do not know they had an update.

Later, we can click on FreeWare where all the previously selected applications will appear on the website, we proceed to install them one after another and voila, we will have all the applications quickly without having to search for all the official pages to download the software.

In short, it is a very good application if we have formatted our computer and we need to install all the applications that we had previously.

Once you have used the program, we would like you to give a superficial evaluation of the service and tell us what you liked the most and what you will add to the service, since we will collect all the suggestions to send them to the creators of the application. .