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From Twitter: Mass campaign management and purchase buttons for Shopify users

They announce on the official Twitter blog the implementation of a new ad editor that among other things facilitate the management of multiple campaigns simultaneously, a striking option to advertisers with which they can download an Excel file with formatted data of their current campaigns and from such file proceed to make quick changes as well as add values ​​to create more of them.

Campaign execution dates, investments for each one, objective criteria and current status are some of the values ​​that can be modified as soon as the spreadsheet with such values ​​is downloaded. Subtract save the changes and upload the resulting file from the same ad editor for them to take effect. It is available to a limited group of advertisers but is expected to reach the general public in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, and to facilitate the mass adoption of their new purchase button system, they mention in Re / code that Twitter has teamed up with Shopify to bring such a feature, initially, to 100,000 businesses in the United States that already use this popular e-commerce tool; Due to the worldwide coverage of Shopify, it is not surprising to see it available for users in other latitudes.

Twitter had already worked with other much more modest e-commerce platforms such as Fancy and Gumroad as the idea of ​​reaching a larger audience through third parties that already have connections with numerous businesses is not new, however, the partnership with Shopify It is shown as a turning point in such an implementation process, a valuable change that networks like Pinterest are already exploiting.