Frontback will finally not close its doors thanks to a new partner

Last week we told you that Frontback, the mobile application that combines photos taken with the front and rear camera of mobile devices, closed on August 15, justifying this end because after discussions with our team and investors, we realized That we cannot reach the critical numbers that would make a sustainable social network frontback, according to Frdric della Faille, CEO of the company, in a statement. As with typical Christmas movies, a miracle has occurred that will allow Frontback to continue working from now on.

The information comes from the same official page of the application, which indicates the following:

We just signed an agreement with a partner who believes everything we do that there is something amazing with frontback. This couple is fully committed to making Frontback a better place to share your best moments, we were impressed by how much they understand the platform and will help the new team to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Taking these words into account, there are many unknowns to be solved, starting with knowing who this new partner has been that saved the application from closing. To this must be added the need to know the possible changes that the application could undergo under the idea of ​​making it a better product. In this sense, users are invited to make their comments and suggestions, which will be taken into account by the new team, as indicated from the main page of the application.

With this, Frontback does not close its doors and continue to offer its services.