fullcalendar, to add a personalized calendar to your website

There are many options that help to integrate a calendar on a website, many WordPress plugins, many options of great giants (such as the Google Calendar) that allow you to embed your calendar in pages of all kinds … but few are as complete as fullcalendar. io.

The problem that most solutions have is always based on customization, be it static or functional. On many occasions you want to press an event to show a pop-up window, other times you want it to point to an external page, other times it is a matter of sizes, formats or colors … it rarely rains to everyone's liking.

What FullCalendar offers is an open source solution with a huge number of options to customize exactly what we want. We can include events in a calendar and add it to the side menu of a website adjusting graphic and functional details, as well as integrate it with Google Calendar in case you want to import data.

On its website there are several demonstrations of what can be done with this solution, first launched in 2011 and recently renewed to offer more customization options, always thinking about displaying events, not managing content.

The license of this system, created by the programmer Adam Shaw, allows its personal and commercial use (it is a MIT license), and it is maintained with donations, as it can be read in the pi of its main page.