Games, activities and videos about Rio: The Movie

Games, activities and videos about Rio: The Movie

In the past days, one of the most anticipated film productions of the year was released worldwide: Ro: the movie. It is an animated title whose story progresses in a jungle near Rio de Janeiro, where birds lead a fairly lively life and are given human qualities (Ex: speech) Well, today we made a special inspired by the Ro movie, bringing some resources that will surely catch the attention of all of you, since we will not only share visual themes for Windows, wallpapers or games, but we will also include (for the little ones), some coloring pictures, as well as links to the official videos of the film.

Ro Themes for Windows 7

Is about two visual themes compatible with Windows Seven in their different presentations. With them, you can modify some graphic aspects of your operating system, making it more personalized in terms of the characters in the film.

Rio Wallpapers

The offer consists of 18 wallpapers different in which the main characters of the film Ro are shown in different settings. All wallpapers are in 1920 √ó 1200 resolution.

Ro Games

Dance: is the title offered on the official website of Ro: the movie. The idea is well known to all, since what happens is that we will see arrows on the screen that indicate the keys that we will have to touch. The funny thing is that it allows us to connect the webcam and fulfill the same missions through body movements. – Fly with Rafael: This is a online game in which our mission will be to help the bird Rafael in his journey, having to collect different objects along the way. A simple and quite fun delivery to spend some time. – Angry Birds Rio [iPhone]: This is the application that is offered free on iTunes. Is a Angry Birds version oriented to fans of the movie Rio, for which the characters and settings were modified to give the game another image. – Angry Birds Rio [Android]: The same game, with Android version.

Ro’s Videos

In the Spanish version of the official website, the videos of the first two are also offered movie trailers, which can be played directly from there and without the need to enter YouTube or any other site.

Ro coloring pages

Coloring drawings: On this website, they offer us a total of 5 black and white drawings of the film Ro, ideal for downloading and printing them for manual painting. The designs correspond to the most important characters in the film. Junior Coloring: Unlike the previous one, in this case what we can do is color the movie logo Ro, without having to download or print it, since everything is done directly from the web, including a color palette so that we can choose exactly how to leave the drawing.