Gates are no longer able to stop Boston Dynamics robots

Gates are no longer able to stop Boston Dynamics robots

Gates are no longer able to stop Boston Dynamics robots

Boston Dynamics continues some of the most amazing advancements in the field of robotics, even though they are no longer part of Google and are part of Softbank; in fact, we could say that they are comfortable under the umbrella of the Japanese giant, judging by the videos that continue to rise.

This time the challenge that Boston Dymanics robots have faced is the doors; Enemies of any robot, they are a difficult obstacle to understand and even more difficult to remove from the middle. It is one of those things that humans can do without much difficulty, but it is quite a mountain for a robot.

Boston Dynamic creates robots that open doors

The new SpotMini, Boston Dynamics’ robotic dogs, have so far specialized in moving objects, exploring territory, and little else; they are the secondary of the company, in charge of helping stars like the Atlas.

Thanks to a new articulated arm and a new clamp, they are now also able to open doors, and collaborate to let your peers through. Your system is capable of recognizing doors and their handle or handlebar; he then uses his arm to open the door and pull it open.

The interesting thing is that it is able to calculate to what extent you need to open the door to be able to pass; and not only use the arm, but is able to put the leg to prevent the door from closing by itself.

He is even able to open the door for another robot and let it pass first, very polite. In this way, it is possible to send two SpotMini in different configurations, one with an arm and the other without it, and ensure that they will not get stuck in a room. This collaboration will be necessary at critical moments, such as in rescues.