GazoPa Answers, the new Gazopa similar image search engine

GazoPa Answers, the new Gazopa similar image search engine

At the time we already introduced you to GazoPa, a search service for similar images. And now we bring you a novelty of its service that is none other than GazoPa Answer.

GazoPa Answers uses its user community to allow them set your questions with pictures included so that the rest can answer them. Unlike other services such as Yahoo Answer, users of GazoPa Answers They have three ways to formulate their questions with their images included, which can be uploaded from the computer, offered through a link to an image already hosted on the web or by using a digital whiteboard to draw what they want to ask about.

The questions asked will be framed in their corresponding categories, and also, labels can be added to them optionally. These questions can be answered, with labels optionally, by the rest of the users, whose comments made can also be voted on.

Users will be able to access the questions through social filters and also through the tag cloud, and with their participation, they will be able to earn points and climb levels. It should be noted that to use GazoPa Answer, it is necessary to be registered, so that you can use the Facebook account for this purpose if you wish.

An interesting and alternative option to send and receive responses from users using images.

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