Genius redesigns its website and mobile application for iOS, and launches its application for Android

Genius, which calls itself the largest collection of song lyrics and collective musical knowledge, is a collaborative platform that began its journey in 2009 under the name Rap Genius with the aim of facilitating the understanding of rap song lyrics. , also allowing to add context to the biography of the artists themselves, among other aspects. Over time, it adopted other musical genres, which has caused the term Rap to be removed from its name to leave it only in Genius. Users can add annotations on any text segment of any song lyrics that other users will vote positively or negatively to leave the one that is most convincing in the first place.

Today we find that the platform itself has launched the redesign of its web application as well as its mobile application for the iOS platform. In addition, it also launches its mobile application for the Android platform, responding to one of the veteran requests of the users themselves.

In their statement they indicate that through the Android application, users will be able to vote positively or negatively for the annotations available in the song lyrics, although by means of updates to the application in the coming weeks and months, it will be brought up to the same level that to the mobile application for iOS, being the possibility of creating and managing annotations one of the next features to arrive.

The new application for Android also notes that it is launched with the Material Design visual style and will be available for Android devices that have from version 4.1 onwards to offer the smoothest experience possible.