Geocaching - playing hide and seek with your GPS

Geocaching – playing hide and seek with your GPS

Geocaching is a playful proposal from that consists of participating in a treasure hunting game with people from all over the world using a GPSThis initiative began in 2000 at the hands of David Ulmer, who hid the first cache in Portland, Oregon.

The basic idea is to locate a series of hidden containers, known as geocaches and then share your experiences online with other adventurers.

On the web they present these simple steps to learn how to play Geocaching: 1. You register for free 2. You click Hide & Seek a Cache 3. You enter your zip code and click search 4. You choose any of the geocaches in the list and click on their name 5. You enter the geocache coordinates on your GPS device 6. You use GPS to help you find the hidden geocache 7. You sign in the guestbook and return the geocache to its original location. 8. You share your stories and photos online.

Geocaching is enjoyed by people of all ages, who have a strong feeling of love and respect for the environment. Although the web is not available in Spanish, there are already 1,130,707 active caches and around 4-5 million geocachers worldwide.