geopeeker, to see how our website is displayed in other parts of the world

Ideal to check if there are no access problems in other countries, geopeeker offers a tool that, free of charge, shows the web capture that we indicate from six different countries, a list that can be expanded by paying a monthly fee.

The results also show the time it takes to connect each of the countries, as well as the IP of the server and some details of the DNS records (which can be hidden in the upper right).

Although it is more intuitive and pleasing to the eye, what it offers is similar to what we have already seen in options such as (where it is possible to ping and traceroute from various countries around the world), (quite ugly , but with many passes in the list) or, solutions that always show the data related to the connections made remotely from the places where we offer the service.

In case you are not interested in seeing the indicated web capture, super-ping and cloudmonitor are ideal, although geopeeker can help us a lot when we talk about the aesthetic aspect.

Of course, it is nothing we cannot do from a VPN, although it is faster and more practical.