Gif Wallet

Gif Wallet, app for iOS with which to gather all your animated gifs in one place

On the Internet, the use of animated gifs is most common. Despite this, it can sometimes be difficult to locate the right gifs when we need them. In WWWhatsnew we have already spoken to you before about different solutions to access your animated gifs, and this time we bring you an iOS app with which to store all your gifs in the same place and share them easily.

In general, the application approach is really simple. In fact, the main goal of Gif Wallet is just to help you put all your animated gifs together in one place. To start adding gifs to the application, simply upload them to the app from the reel of your device, or paste the image URL from the iOS clipboard. Later, You can share them in a matter of seconds through other applications such as iMessage, Mail, Twitter or Facebook thanks to the iOS sharing menu. When sharing your animated gifs, they will be automatically uploaded to, so you will only have to send the obtained ULR to your family or friends.

You can download the application for free from the App Store. Gif Wallet requires iOS 8.1 to work.