Github launches new desktop version to replace Windows and Mac apps

From the github blog they present their new desktop version, for Windows and Mac, already available for free at

It is a new application that seeks to replace the apps that already exist for both operating systems, offering the same functionalities and simplifying their use, thus helping the experience on both platforms to be the same.

It allows from there to make code change proposals in the projects in which we participate, thus creating always available versions in the application. We just have to choose the version we want to work on or change from one to another with a simple click.

They have also focused on collaboration, and for this they have available change control functions and the possibility of committing what we have modified without going over the work of other users in the same project, all without leaving the app. desk.

At any time we can see, both locally and in remote versions, the changes that need to be uploaded, mixing the code with the main version if we consider it necessary.

A good idea to unite the experience of use between Windows and Mac, too bad they have not concentrated on the Linux platform too, since many of the Github programmers use this operating system on a daily basis.