GoButler, human-assisted virtual assistant service

Given the current technological context in which we find ourselves, the existence of GoButler, a service that works for free in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is striking, allowing users to establish their requests by SMS so that they can be carried by heroes, which is what the human staff behind the service are called, attending to requests for specific flight reservations, restaurant reservations, food orders, and everything else they always need and when legal, being available 24 hours.

As discussed in TNW, in those requests that have to make payments or withholdings on credit cards, the service will offer a link to users to provide their payment information, being Braintree the payment platform that works with GoButler. This information will be kept for future similar requests, avoiding users the need to enter their information.

Navid Hadzaad, CEO and founder of the platform, considers that SMS messages are easier and more natural for users themselves, where they can also make use of the service even if they do not have data service on their mobile devices for different reasons.

The service waits to be matured to begin to be monetized, although for the moment, it is offered 100% free in the mentioned passes. All users have to do is send the GO text to 25400 or include their phone numbers on the web to start using the service.