GoFish Cam, an HD camera to hang on a fishing rod

GoFish Cam is a tiny new HD camera for anglers looking for funding on Kickstarter. The idea of ​​the gadget is to provide a closer angle in its work to those professionals, or simply interested in sport fishing, allowing them capture from their fishing rods, in high quality, the perfect moment when the fish bites the hook on whose nylon the camera is hung.

To solve the different complications presented when working in aquatic environments, the GoFish Cam, with its bullet appearance and light weight, will come equipped with special features such as being able to operate underwater up to 150 meters deep, maintaining complete stability while recording at 1080p for up to 4 hours and store up to 32GB of data.

170 degree viewing angle, infrared lights to continue capturing video even in the presence of darkness and also a built-in microphone complement their benefits. Regarding the way it is hung, as it is necessary to maintain the tension for the recording, the GoFish Cam presents a pair of rings to anchor the nylon to its ends and proceed to fish in any of the three styles for which it has been designed: Trolling, Casting and Bottom Fishing,

For the first two styles it should be as follows:

… While, for bottom fishing or Bottom Fishing, it would look like this:

Of course, after launching the camera tied to the fishing rod into the water, subtracting to proceed to edit the results on video and share them, which can be achieved from your application for iOS and Android who import the recordings via WiFi. Unfortunately, and although those responsible for GoFish Cam already promise to work on it, the real-time visualization of what has been captured is not yet present.

Anyway, the device costs around 170 dollars and can be preordered from its official website or from its financing page on Kickstarter. Arrival in the hands of buyers is expected in February 2016.

More information: GoFish Cam page on Kickstarter