incorporates a new series of improvements incorporates a new series of improvements

Last September, Google launched its own URL shortening service, entering into competition with the wide range of existing services, although at first it offered links from its own services, in a short time it allowed users to shorten any address that we gave you. During all this time, they have received complaints and suggestions, and now we have a number of new features for said shortener: – Now allows you to copy the new URL to our clipboard more easily through the keyboard shortcut Control + C – command + C on Mac – (here I still prefer the option using a simple button).

– Already it is possible to select and remove shortened URLs from the board to keep the URLs that interest us (Shortened URLs removed from the dashboard continue to work normally.)

– also we have a new section,, which allows us to report shortened URLs that lead to spam contentMore stability and speedEven so, apart from appreciating these improvements, you can always introduce other improvements such as, for example, centering the application for which we have panoramic monitors, better highlighting the field where to enter the URL or inserting, like, a button where you can easily We copy the URL to the clipboard. As always, we have to wait and see what is in store for us. Go: Social Web Blog