Google adds flexibility to Android app developers to have testers in beta

Until now, those developers who have needed the collaboration of those users interested in testing the applications that were in the development phase, have required these users to join the corresponding communities in Google+ or Google Groups (Google Groups). . From now on, the situation becomes more flexible in order to make it easier to manage the tests of the applications under development with those users who want to join them, as announced today by Google.

In this sense, developers can, from the console they have at their disposal, create open betas, so that by generating a simple link, users can join the tests, being able to enter a large number of them, being a scalable option, although developers also have the ability to limit the number of users who can join open beta testing for their applications.

Developers also have the ability to continue creating closed betas, now having as a new option the ability to create closed betas via individual email address lists. Users incorporated into these lists through their email addresses may be able to join them with just a click on a specific link.

Obviously, the traditional possibility that developers have been enjoying to date is maintained, although they now have more flexibility when it comes to adding new users dedicated to testing those applications that are under development. Google points out about this option that they can migrate to open betas keeping existing users if they wish.