Google Ads extends the TV data in the Coverage Planner to more countries

Google continues to expand support for TV in Coverage Planner, the Google Ads tool to help advertisers make their video advertising campaigns as effective as possible.

With support for TV, advertisers will be able to expand the reach of their campaigns by considering both YouTube and TV together. According to the company, the Coverage Planner has historical television campaign data obtained from audience measurement companies and combines them with YouTube forecasts to allow more effective planning considering both YouTube and TV.

In this regard, it already has the data for the United States provided by Nielsen, as well as the data for Japan provided by Intage, now adding the television data to the Coverage Planner in Vietnam, with the promise that soon the data will also arrive. TV data from France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and other countries coming soon.

As explained on a support page:

This will allow marketers to plan TV and YouTube side by side to ensure maximum total reach and balanced frequency across video advertising channels. This update is available to all Google Ads users who have access to the Coverage Planner.

Those interested in getting to know the Google Ads Coverage Planner in depth, Google has an extensive and detailed support page where it offers all possible information, although for those who want to have TV in their campaigns, Google also has a page of support. specific support to television data in the Coverage Planner, where, among other aspects, it indicates the following:

The television in the Range Planner displays range and frequency estimates, but does not guarantee any specific performance or results. Actual campaign performance may vary based on other factors (such as ad quality, ad relevance, and campaign settings).